iCan Worldwide in the Philippines have a vision - for every Filipino to purchase everyday goods and services as a member of the iCan community.

iCan has been set up as a standalone business to offer a comprehensive mobile commerce and payments service that works across all network providers and banks and is available to every Filipino with a mobile phone. iCan is rapidly acquiring more retailers and billers to add to their already impressive list of merchants in the fast food, retail, utilities and banking sectors. With the Anywhere platform at its core iCan is taking to market the world's most ambitious market hub for mobile payments.

The solution

iCan consumers have a shopping cart on their mobile phone. There are multiple merchants, banks and payment providers, plus different fulfilment options and an integrated loyalty programme. Mobile payments are no longer restricted to one application offering one merchant, one product and one payment choice via one telco network.

iCan customers can shop at Ayala shopping malls, pay bills for a range of billers such as SkyCable, order vouchers for major stores, buy products, purchase movie tickets and do much much more.

iCan is also assisting overseas foreign workers to send money back home to friends and families by allowing them to purchase vouchers for major department and chain stores including M&S. This minimises the remittance costs of sending cash back home.

Benefits to iCan merchants

  • Remove cash from the transaction process.
  • Customer loyalty - once installed the merchant's shop is always in a customer's pocket.
  • Shopping options - enable shopping cart or one-off purchases of products and services.
  • Direct integration with existing ordering system - standardised interfaces into merchant ordering system.

Benefits to banks and payment providers

  • New revenue streams - via transaction and merchant services fees.
  • Leapfrog traditional payment mechanisms - take leadership role in driving emerging payment methods.
  • Stringent security - 128 or 256 bit encryption, use of the bank PIN, bank grade security model.
  • Retain customer relationship - consumer registers via their own bank, transactions are authenticated by each bank.

Benefits to iCan consumers

  • No more cash required - fill a shopping cart using one application on the phone.
  • Merchant choices - just like a shopping mall on the phone; wide range of local merchants to choose from with new ones added all the time.
  • Payment choices - pay direct from the bank account or using loyalty points.
  • Easy to use - intuitive menu driven structure for making orders and payments.


"We have had a very positive response from financial institutions, billers and merchants to the iCan real-time payment service thanks to Fronde's platform, which combines a great looking user experience for consumers with support for the most stringent banking security requirements. It is by far the best in the market."

Concepcion Octaviano, COO iCan Worldwide

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