Montefiore Home has been an aged care provider for the Jewish community for over 120 years. As the largest aged care provider in the Sydney Eastern suburbs, Montefiore has four established residential care locations in Randwick, Hunters Hill, Woollahra and Camelot. Offering their ageing residents with a philosophy of 'lifestyle of care', Montefiore aspires to be the leading aged care provider in New South Wales, Australia.

With the increase in team members over the recent years and the additional sites and services created, combined with future growth plans, Montefiore faced the need to work smarter by enabling better collaboration between teams from the various locations. Additionally, aging hardware and their maintenance and accessibility, started to become a liability with major implications on large budgets locked up in CAPEX which are not available to drive innovation.

After analysing the overall business goals, collaboration roadblocks and needs of the business now and in the future, Fronde recommended moving to a cloud-based collaboration solution.

Implementing the cloud-based collaboration solution consisting of Google Apps for Work, Google Chromeboxes and Google Chromebooks showed immediate improvements for Montefiore Homes. Teams felt liberated from the constraints of their current IT systems and processes.

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