Fronde's SuiteApps have the badge of approval

01 Dec 2015

*Fronde is excited to announce that NetSuite has just awarded our SuiteApps the “Built for NetSuite” (BFN) badge!*

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Best Bits - Salesforce Advantage Tour Auckland

24 Nov 2015

The local Salesforce team did a great job recently with their Auckland event at Skycity. Salesforce brought all the latest and exciting news from Dreamforce 2015 - new features, working demo’s and great networking opportunities were amongst the many great aspects of the day.

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Top 5 Warning Signs that Your IT Strategy is holding you back.

18 Nov 2015

It's taking longer and longer to reconcile financials at the end of the month. Your sales forecasts are based more on guesswork than solid figures and facts. Your business is struggling to keep up with its increasing order volume and customer satisfaction is faltering as a result. You have no idea how much inventory you have in your warehouse, and it's a pain to find out the correct information. If this sounds like your business, read on.

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Wholesale Distribution | What Are Your Competitors Spending Their IT Budgets On?

16 Nov 2015

A study in 2015 shows that there is a positive trend emerging in the Wholesale Distribution Industry. Increasingly, organisations are reporting that they are gearing up to invest technology in an effort to recover from the poor financial and operational performance that has trended since 2012.

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Accelerate Your Digital Strategy - Avoid Lock-In

15 Nov 2015

Digital Disruption has become the "Wolf at the door" as small nimble start-up businesses combine Cloud, Mobility, Social Media, IoT and Analytics technologies to create new ways to take market share away from traditional local based businesses (Uber, Netflix etc)

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Why Healthcare Should Consider Google For Work

13 Nov 2015

One of our many missions at Fronde is to empower leading healthcare industry clients in delivering secure, real-time communication across employee groups. Using cloud-based productivity solutions from Google, we really are helping healthcare providers to easily collaborate and focus on the important work that they provide in our communities. In many cases our customers are already using a lot of the Google platform in their personal lives (i.e. Gmail, Drive, Search).

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Red IT Peak: The case for innovation and courage in IT procurement

12 Nov 2015

Following a groundswell of public and opposition party support, alternative flag design Red Peak has been added to list of designs that New Zealanders will rank in the first binding referendum later this year.

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Make A Plan Now!! - The Impact Of Digital Disruption On IT Roles

11 Nov 2015

train speed

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Attending AWS Re:invent as a minority

10 Nov 2015

Most customers start working with AWS to reduce costs but stay with AWS to increase business agility.

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AWS Re:Invent 2015 "New Launch Announcement- QuickSight"

19 Oct 2015

A standout for me from the latest AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas was... QuickSight. QuickSight is a fast, cloud-powered business intelligence tool. You can build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and get business insights from your data.

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