Competitive Advantage Through Application Modernisation


Smart organisations are turning traditional thinking on its head, by building a Digital Platform from disruptive technologies to gain a competitive advantage in the market.

“Innovative companies in other industries are experimenting with ways to combine products, services, and data to create entirely new businesses—often with software playing a critical role in knitting together or enabling these new models” - McKinsey

Over the past decade enterprise organisations have moved away from custom application development, due to the abundance of common ‘off the shelf’ software applications, to minimise cost to the business.

However, in this new Digital Age, where organisations are presented with the threat and opportunity that digital disruption brings, investment in unique applications as part of their overall Digital Strategy is being recognised as a key point of differentiation for businesses (e.g the proliferation of Mobile Apps).

New techniques are not only lowering the costs and risks associated with writing software, they are accelerating product development.

A key enabler of this transformation has been the revolutionary changes to the way we write software.

The incredible impact of Agile Development along with continuous Integration/Delivery/Deployment and DevOps Practices - when compared to traditional techniques, enables practitioners to deliver up to 200x more releases, 2500x shorter lead times, 3x lower change failure rate, 24x faster recovery times, along with 22% less time support and rework.

Case studies are now showing that Cloud Native Applications can deliver up to 70% improvement in cost/performance.

So the next time you’re faced with the choice of modernising your applications, along with the standard criteria, try looking through the lens of “competitive advantage”.

You may be surprised at the unique value locked into your existing environments that you can unleash through application modernisation.

You could even become the next global disruptor in your industry!


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