$50K Application Modernisation Challenge

Registrations have closed. The winner of the challenge is MoleMap! Congratulations!

* Fronde Brings You Our $50K Application Modernisation Challenge *

Case studies are now showing that Cloud Native Applications:

  • Deliver up to a 70% improvement in price/performance 
  • Significantly lower technical debt (complexity, SW license and HW Asset lock-in) 
  • Improve Mobility and API Integration 

Fronde is pleased to invite you to enter our Application Modernisation $50K Challenge where you could win $50,000 worth of development and cloud resources built on Amazon Web Services.


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What is App Modernisation, and how will it benefit me? App Modernisation can help improve your business speed and agility by refactoring legacy applications to take advantage of the AWS cloud platform.


Registrations close Friday 28 October, 2016
Winner will be announced Friday 4 November, 2016

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