09 Oct


20150304 174531

Women in Tech + Lightning out

By Ben Naylor

One of the benefits about being sent to Dreamforce is that we get to write a blog post (which you’re reading now), and we get to pick a topic or topics that we’d like to write about. I thought I’d challenge myself and write about women in tech - something I think more people need to be aware of - and Lightning Out - a new technology which (as a developer), I will probably be using a lot more this year.

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08 Oct



5 Key Learnings About Lightning

By Rochelle Glover

Lightning was everywhere at Dreamforce. It was in the Trailhead learning area. It was on billboards plastered over buildings. It was the topic of dozens of sessions. Salesforce Co-founder Parker Harris even dressed up as Lightning Man for the main Keynote - complete with lightning rod. In fact if you were at Dreamforce, there was no way to avoid being hit by Lightning. I was no exception and after attending multiple sessions on the subject it soon transpired that Lighting was not just one thing, but many things. Here’s 5 key things I learned about Lightning.

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07 Oct


doug johnstone

5 Great Things About Moving To Google Apps

By Doug Johnstone

Having been a MS Office user for the past 20 years, I was more than a little unsure about a wholesale move to Google Apps, as a new starter at Fronde. So I was pleasantly surprised at the smooth transition, and quite frankly amazed at the personal productivity gains I achieved in the first ten days of making the shift.

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06 Oct


Michael Dean

Why Business Tech Needs to Rise

By Michael Dean

At Fronde we are particularly interested in innovative and disruptive technology that can be used to shape a workplace or even an entire industry. And looking at businesses on a global scale, the ones that are the most successful are notorious for their innovative technologies. If you look at a company like Google, its mantra as a workplace is famous for forward and innovative thinking that combines fun with work. And if you ask me, if they have slides in their office, they’re ahead of the times. But what about the other companies that aren’t embracing technological change?

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02 Oct



It's an Identity Thing

By Curtis Williams

The business landscape has changed dramatically within just the past five years. Mobile devices, which are effectively powerful personal computers, are everywhere and possess enormous business potential. I was interested in Gartner’s prediction which states that, “By year-end 2020, 80% of user access will be shaped by new mobile and non-PC architectures that service all identity types regardless of origin.” Additionally, IDC estimates that 55 percent of all smartphones used in business will be employee-owned in 2015. These and other statistics have most enterprises struggling with a host of issues surrounding the use and security of mobile devices for work.

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01 Oct



The Key To Cost Cutting

By Andrew Christie

A big thing that businesses often have to contemplate is the cost of communication. It’s not uncommon for employees to be flown, both domestically and internationally, in order to attend a one hour meeting. What gets overlooked is the fact that technology can be used as a tool to not only reduce costs within a business, but encourage communication in an economically positive way.

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28 Sep



From SUX to UX

By John Bartlett

"Invest in User Experience before it's too late." Dreamforce 2015

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28 Sep



Five Tips for a Dreamforce First-Timer

By Stefania Ezquerra

This is for all those planning on going to Dreamforce 2016 and want to make the most out of it...

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25 Sep


james blog

Visualforce is dead, Lightning is the future

By James Valentine

Salesforce Lightning was announced at last year’s Dreamforce, but it was really only at last week’s Dreamforce that the true power of the Lightning platform became clear. This is a fundamental shift in the way that Salesforce implementations will be done - and probably the biggest change to Salesforce since the introduction of Visualforce many years ago.

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24 Sep


Andrew Davis

Transform Field Services with Google Apps for Work

By Andrew Davis

If you’re responsible for a field services team, you know just how much information technicians need access to when working remotely. The list is long with service manuals, work guides, safety documents and job reports required simply to be able to fix and maintain equipment.

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