Take your workforce to the cloud and liberate your business from the cost, complexity and service burden of traditional solutions.

We utilise technology from Google for Work to allow you to work seamlessly anywhere, any time, and from any device.

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The next-generation of business IT means you can now not only live in the 21st century, but work there too. Workforce Liberation is about using cloud-based solutions to modernise your workplace, while preserving and extending legacy investments.

You can move your IT spend from capex to opex, while empowering your IT team and wider workforce to improve productivity and rapidly innovate in the cloud - collaborating anywhere, any time, and on any device.

Our team of experts can create a single cloud solution in service of your business - integrated and interoperable - using one or all of the following technologies.


Work as one in the cloud to:

  • Improve productivity by enabling employees to work collaboratively anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Work on the web with apps designed and built for simplified sharing and search, with seamless movement of content, documents, and presentations.
  • Deploy lower-cost technology, enable 'Bring Your Own Device' policies, and be ready for the next-generation of Chrome-based notebooks, tablets and mobile.
  • Preserve legacy app investments, use the legacy apps crucial to your business with secure online deployment.
  • Measure the return on investment in months and end punitive application licensing today.

Why Fronde?

No other solution provider brings the world’s leading technologies together to create a single solution - liberating thousands of workers and hundreds of enterprises institutions to work in the cloud.

From initial assessment through to delivery and ongoing management, we can help empower your business to run in the cloud.

  • Preferred partner of Google, Amazon Web Services, and Citrix, and one of ANZ’s leading service providers.
  • Experience in people, process and technology to drive the success of your deployment.
  • One solution built on the leading cloud technologies in service of your business.
  • Proven in business and government.
  • Integrated and interoperable - no other solutions provider brings the world’s leading cloud technologies together in a single solution in service of your business.

We work with you to build a workforce strategy and roadmap for the future, selecting the pieces of the puzzle at a pace that’s right for your business.

Reasons to Move to the Cloud

No more limits

  • Get more licenses and greater capability at the pace of your business, not your IT supplier.
  • Build up and build down, successfully innovating - or failing - at a pace that allows you to keep going.
  • Work anywhere, anytime, and from any device - even without network connectivity.

Reduce costs

  • Move from capex to opex, allowing your IT team to move away from keeping the lights on, and towards delivering innovation back to the business.
  • Reduce communications costs with ubiquitous, low-cost video conferencing, and the instant messaging capabilities that your employees use at home.

Security from the world’s best

  • Our partners have built their business on providing secure cloud services to enterprises across the globe, with a team of security experts to match.
  • Updates in the cloud are automatic and incremental - meaning your IT team don’t have to implement them, and your workforce can take in the changes step by step.

The cloud is here, and it’s not going away! Over 40,000 workers across Australia and New Zealand are working in the cloud today - why not join them? 

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