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24 Nov



Best Bits - Salesforce Advantage Tour Auckland

The local Salesforce team did a great job recently with...(more)

18 Nov


Michael Dean

Top 5 Warning Signs that Your IT Strategy is holding you back.

It's taking longer and longer to reconcile financials at the...(more)

16 Nov


Michael Dean

Wholesale Distribution | What Are Your Competitors Spending Their IT Budgets On?

A study in 2015 shows that there is a positive...(more)

15 Nov


doug johnstone

Accelerate Your Digital Strategy - Avoid Lock-In

Digital Disruption has become the "Wolf at the door" as...(more)

13 Nov



Why Healthcare Should Consider Google For Work

One of our many missions at Fronde is to empower...(more)

11 Nov



Make A Plan Now!! - The Impact Of Digital Disruption On IT Roles

If you think your role is safe from Digital Disruption...(more)

10 Nov


Shireen Chetty

Attending AWS Re:invent as a minority

This was the overarching message from many of the AWS...(more)

09 Nov


Paul Armstrong pub

Red IT Peak: The case for innovation and courage in IT procurement

Following a groundswell of public and opposition party support, alternative...(more)

19 Oct



AWS Re:Invent 2015 "New Launch Announcement- QuickSight"

A standout for me from the latest AWS re:Invent in...(more)

14 Oct


Ben Ayache

Cloud Transformation Today, benefits from my prospective.

To me, Google Apps is a new beginning...(more)

13 Oct


Michael Dean

Attention CFOs | Can you solve this problem?

Do you know what the following means?(more)

12 Oct



AWS re:Invent update - Migration just got easier

AWS re:Invent kicked off today with an estimated 19,000+ attendees.(more)

09 Oct


20150304 174531

Women in Tech + Lightning out

One of the benefits about being sent to Dreamforce is...(more)

08 Oct



5 Key Learnings About Lightning

Lightning was everywhere at Dreamforce.(more)

07 Oct


doug johnstone

5 Great Things About Moving To Google Apps

Having been a MS Office user for the past 20...(more)

06 Oct


Michael Dean

Why Business Tech Needs to Rise

At Fronde we are particularly interested in innovative and disruptive...(more)

02 Oct



It's an Identity Thing

The business landscape has changed dramatically within just the past...(more)

01 Oct



The Key To Cost Cutting

A big thing that businesses often have to contemplate is...(more)

30 Sep



Fronde and B2BGateway Announce EDI Partnership for Netsuite Users

Fronde the leading provider of cloud technology services in Australia...(more)

28 Sep



From SUX to UX

"Invest in User Experience before it's too late." Dreamforce 2015(more)



landscape vic logo green small

“Implementing GSA functionality improved the flexibility, dynamism and presentation of Victoria University’s website. This in turn, increased end-user trust in the website as a whole. Students and staff now experience quickly generated, highly relevant results.”

Matthew Page | Google Technical Consultant Fronde

Kathmandu logo 300px

Fronde was able to tailor the cloud-based solution to Kathmandu’s needs, test, and go live in just 12 weeks. Whether it’s business as usual or the first day of a big sale, customers can now browse the store and make a purchase quickly and smoothly, at any time of day or night from any device.


“We have a solution that is principally invisible to the users, I didn't want technology to be a barrier to the business, I wanted it to be an enabler to the business.”

Ken Holley, Head of Technology at Localist

DOC web logo

In a pilot using Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud computing, Fronde have enabled DOC staff and third parties to upload, analyse, and share recordings of kiwi calls. The result is a less costly, more mobile and collaborative way to monitor kiwis.


“From the outset, our engagement with Fronde has been hugely successful. The level of contribution from Fronde towards a successful outcome is very refreshing and very welcome.”

- Mark Johnstone, CIO, Farm IQ Systems Ltd.


“The project and client support teams were amazing - almost always several steps ahead of us. They put in every effort so that we had full confidence in Fronde.”

- Amber Flynn, Programme Manager (PBRF).


”There are many free applications in this space, but I have found the Mortgage Choice loan helper application to be one of the best featured and easiest to use.”

- The Australian Real Estate Review.

naked bus logo

"Moving to the AWS platform allowed us to have more control over our system which enabled us to grow our business. Not to mention the savings we gained in six months was enough to cover the entire cost of moving."

- Hamish Nuttall, CEO, nakedbus.com.



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